Body Matter Coffee Scrub by Aromaesti

Body Matter Coffee Scrub

Treat your skin to the Bean Scrub;
a luxurious, skin-renewing formula infused with essential oils to hydrate, exfoliate and soften from top to toe.
Utilising Robusta Coffee Beans, the gentle body scrub minimises the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, whilst Vitamin E provide antioxidant protection to repair and restore skin. Buffs away dead skin cells, helping to eliminate blackheads and breakouts for a smoother, more refined finish.

Elixir Red Grape by Aromaesti

Elixir Red Grape

Elixir Anti-Pollution with red grape extract acts as a protective shield, preventing the environmental contaminants from penetrating the skin, and creates an invisible protective film while offering specialized moisturizing treatment throughout the day. It focuses exclusively on protection against environmental pollution while at the same time it regenerates the natural, moisturizing and self-reparative function of the skin.
Handmade by Aromaesti


Fresh handmade cosmetics of high quality inspired by Greek nature. Enriched with numerous active ingredients, essential oils and unique fragrances, they guarantee special treatment in combination with beneficial properties for the body and mind.
Hydrosense by Aromaesti


Donkey Milk & Flower Honey
for Intense Hydration!

The cosmetic properties in combination with donkey milk and honey are already known from ancient times.
Rich in vitamins and trace elements make up the perfect combination for:
- Natural tightening of the skin
- Velvety hydration and antioxidant improves elasticity, protects the skin leaving it smooth and soft
- Replenishes and nourishes hair

Parabens Free.
Silicons Free.

Lavarock by Aromaesti


The beauty selection LAVAROCK was created from ancestral practices and from the beneficial elements of volcanic lava. It is a great beauty ally for the face and body, since it is supplemented by selected ingredients from the Greek earth. Products enriched with volcanic water and volcanic rock extracts and with content high in sulfur, an active ingredient that helps the skin to resist bacteria and destroys them thus protecting it from infection or environmental radiation. They are suitable for treatment of acne or for skin that suffers from intense oiliness.
Nutri + by Aromaesti

Nutri +

Prickly Pear Cactus & Olive Oil
for Cellular Nutrition!

This nutritional series contains natural prickly pear leaf extracts, prickly pear oil extract combined with pure olive oil. The ingredients are luxuriously rich in antioxidants such as vitamins & polyphenols.
In addition they contain trace elements & minerals:

- Helps soften the skin& helps reduce puffy eyes & dark circes
- The properties revive & rejuvenate tired skin
- A unique composition which rapidly penetrates the hair shaft, repairs the hair structure in depth making it health, strong & shiny

Parabens Free.
Silicons Free.
Includes plant extracts for optimum action.

Olive by Aromaesti


With the Olive Series we release the power of Olive. Olive oil with its unique moisturizing and antioxidant properties, rich in vitamins A & E, helps to revitalize and protect the skin, increases elasticity and nourishes the skin.
Vital 1 by Aromaesti

Vital 1

Pomegranate & Red Grape
for Natural Restoration!

Rosberatrol derived from red grapes in combination with valuable & luxurious ingredients of pomegranate rich in Vitamins and antioxidants create a combination of natural shields to:
- Rejuvenate & protect the skin against premature aging
- Moisturizes & replenishes skin
- Reduces wrinkles & fine lines

Parabens Free. Silicons Free. Includes plant extracts for optimum action.