Chromaroma All Right White by Aromaesti

Chromaroma All Right White

Soft as bliss, calm as tenderness!
Chromaroma Fetish Reddish by Aromaesti

Chromaroma Fetish Reddish

Sweet and fresh skin! The ultimate female feeling!
Chromaroma Hello Yellow by Aromaesti

Chromaroma Hello Yellow

Energy and power for even more active days!

Chromaroma True Blue by Aromaesti

Chromaroma True Blue

Adventurous men love the roughness of sea!
Elixir Argan by Aromaesti

Elixir Argan

Argan "Liquid Gold". A real treasure of mother Nature. Rich source of fatty acids and vitamins A & E, is a great ally of beauty for the face, body and hair. Cares skin, tightens and increases skin's elasticity, deeply moisturizes and promotes the regeneration of the skin by revitalizing the cell functions, preventing premature aging. Especially for the hair, it resets hair's lost glow while restoring its natural moisture.
Elixir Hippophae by Aromaesti

Elixir Hippophae

Hippophae. Also known as sea-bucthorn. Beneficial fruit that dates back to ancient times. Its orange friut and its' leaves have proven to be "a dynamite of nutricion and health". Ιnexhaustible source of vitamins A,C & E, minerals and micronutrients like Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega -7 and Omega-9. Offers unique antioxidant, inflammatory, analgetic and healing action.
Elixir Red Grape by Aromaesti

Elixir Red Grape

Elixir Anti-Pollution with red grape extract acts as a protective shield, preventing the environmental contaminants from penetrating the skin, and creates an invisible protective film while offering specialized moisturizing treatment throughout the day. It focuses exclusively on protection against environmental pollution while at the same time it regenerates the natural, moisturizing and self-reparative function of the skin.
Handmade by Aromaesti


Fresh handmade cosmetics of high quality inspired by Greek nature. Enriched with numerous active ingredients, essential oils and unique fragrances, they guarantee special treatment in combination with beneficial properties for the body and mind.
Lavarock by Aromaesti


The beauty selection LAVAROCK was created from ancestral practices and from the beneficial elements of volcanic lava. It is a great beauty ally for the face and body, since it is supplemented by selected ingredients from the Greek earth. Products enriched with volcanic water and volcanic rock extracts and with content high in sulfur, an active ingredient that helps the skin to resist bacteria and destroys them thus protecting it from infection or environmental radiation. They are suitable for treatment of acne or for skin that suffers from intense oiliness.
Olive by Aromaesti


With the Olive Series we release the power of Olive. Olive oil with its unique moisturizing and antioxidant properties, rich in vitamins A & E, helps to revitalize and protect the skin, increases elasticity and nourishes the skin.